SMART Programs
Self-Managed And Responsive Talent Programs

Thursday, Apr 22, 2021


Dialogue & Breakouts : 2:00 - 3:15 ET
One-on-One Meetings: 3:30 - 4:30 ET

FREE for Enterprise. Sponsors only.

Are you ready to pull your program in-house and have a truly “self-managed” program that leverages your brand and your company’s human resources?  Or… maybe you are already “in-house” and yearn for benchmarking and networking?

Who should attend?

SMART Programs offers real-time market intelligence & insights for Self-Managed Contingent Workforce Programs, or those exploring the opportunities and pitfalls of taking their CW Programs in-house.  Enterprise Buyers may register for SMART.

  • Indirect Procurement
  • Talent Acquisition/HR
  • Contingent Labor Program Manager

“I’m sure it will be a fantastic dialogue. You always do a great job at facilitating these meetings and making them entertaining and informative.”


Meredith McGough

Sr. Director, Contingent Labor

Ashlee Gagstetter

Monument Consulting
Vice President

Insights into Implementing an Internal PMO

Learn all about Charter’s (now Spectrum’s) implementation as a case study.  Meredith and Ashlee will share the challenges encountered with setting up an internal PMO model and aligning responsibilities with the internal teams who would manage it.  Understand Spectrum’s challenges, successes and an update of where the program is today. 

Professional Facilitation

Focus on takeaways + action

60-minutes of 1:1 Meetings

5 meetings for efficient networking

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Free for Buyers

Featured Attendees

Updated weekly

Abby Burton

VP, Global Category Manager

Allen Chilson

Talent Acquisition Leader - Strategic Partnerships

Alison Husted

HR Business Partner

Dean Bergen

Manager, SCM Contingent Labour & Consulting

Fayez Nathoo

Marsh & McLennan
Global Talent Acquisition Leader

Geoff Abere

Program Director

James Hong

Global Product Owner - Contingent Worker Solutions
Jesse Ryan

Jesse Ryan

Charter Communications
Project Manager

Jessica Wall

Sage Therapeutics
Associate Director, Talent Acquisition

Joelle Nelson-Achirica

Global Contingent Workforce Program Manager

Josh Holland

Strategic Sourcing Manager

Julie Reiman

Charter Communications
Senior Manager Strategic Sourcing

Justin Thomas

American Chemical Society
Program Management Specialist

Kristen Pansing

Premier Inc.
Director, Contingent Workforce Management

Kristine Brosas

SunPower Corporation
Indirect Procurement and Commodity Management

Laurie Beaulieu

CVS Health
Director, Global Talent Management

Lisa Caprirolo


Luz Silva

Director, Global Talent Management

Mesambe Masango

CEVA Logistics
Continent Workforce Program Manager

Maureen Welsh

Director, Continent Labor

Mike Malyar

Dish Network
Staff Program Manager

Nancy Maren

Northwestern Mutual
Assistant Director, Contingent Workforce

Purvesh Shah

Procurement and Strategic Sourcing

Sharon Schank

Program Manager - Supply Chain

Tanya Cote

CVS Health
Senior Sourcing Manager

Tony Gagliardi

Head, Indirect Sourcing, Americas

Solution Providers


Ashlee Gagstetter

Monument Consulting
Vice President

Cheryl Tracz

Draper Jones
Solutions Achiever

Connor Heaney

CXC Global
Managing Director

Doug Cloutier

ACRO Service Corp
VP, Sales Operations & Government Solutions

Erika Novak

Head of Client Services

Farrah Assadi

Monument Consulting
Director of Business Development

Karen Bruns

Draper Jones
Contingent Workforce Professional

Kevin Poll

Global Head of Strategic Partnerships, D&I Champion

Matt Aprahamian

Monument Consulting

Praneeth Patlola

Chief Product Officier

Ryan Baker

Monument Consulting

Sean Trimble

ACRO Service Corp

Program (ET)


2:00 Welcome, ClubVMSA

2:02 Keynote: Insights into Implementing an Internal PMO, Spectrum and Monument Consulting

2:20 Choose your Breakout - Round 1


SOW + Procurement

How to successfully manage SOW in your program, particularly in a self-managed model with heavy involvement from procurement

 Ashlee Gagstetter, Monument Consulting


Rise and Risk of Remote Work

Learn how to mitigate the tax implications of remote workers and embrace this new normal.

Connor Heaney, CXC


Overcome challenges of LI Hiring with Direct Sourcing

Enterprise hiring teams face many challenges today.  No shows, high turnover, difficulty filling shifts with a large volume of open positions, and highly competitive markets make it extremely difficult on hiring managers and program teams.  Learn how organizations are addressing these challenges through direct sourcing.

Kevin Poll, WillHire

2:45 Polling then Choose your Breakout - Round 2


Supplier Optimization

Compassion and cost effectiveness are not mutually exclusive in optimizing your supply base.  Here are  5 ways to maximize both.

Cheryl Tracz & Karen Bruns, Draper Jones


The Multi-channel Talent Supply Chain

Utilizing a multi-channel talent supply strategy including direct sourcing, IC compliance, and high volume roles during COVID and beyond

Alison Husted, HR Business Partner, Ricardo; Doug Cloutier, ACRO Service Corp


Foundational Total Talent Strategies

Moderated peer-led roundtable re: the initial steps to achieve total talent management. Topic areas will include total talent data, operational excellence for onboarding, program ownership, and organizational health. 

Erika Novak, Utmost

3:15 Zoom program concludes 3:30 One-on-One Networking 4:30 Program Concludes

Upcoming Events

May 20, 2021

Enterprise Meetup by Glider. Host TBD. Sponsorships Availble.

November 18, 2021

Enterprise Meetup. Details to come later in year.

Professional Facilitators & Organizers

Jim Coughlin, ClubVMSA

Jeannine Parise, ClubVMSA


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