ClubVMSA is an exclusive network of Business Leaders within the Global Talent Ecosystem who regularly meet, collaborate and socialize.

Our members attend regional meetings, virtual events, and an annual conference in order to participate and drive continuous improvement within the Talent Ecosystem.

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Why Membership is right for you
Learn from your peers & partners about what is happening NOW vs. reading outdated research
Engage in discussions about the what the future will bring
Receive exclusive access to events, big rewards and steep discounts

What do I get as a Member?

ACCESS to people you NEED to do business with through Meetups, VMSA Live & Video Chats.

CONNECTION via Peer-to-peer and Supplier to Buyer both in-person and online

MULTIMEDIA CONTENT via Practitioner-led video chats + VMSA Network

DISCOUNTS all around for VMSA Live, e-Learning, Consulting & Advisory Projects

Members only folks! 8+ In-person meetings per year…curated and organized by VMSA and ranging from 8-16+ attendees with 4-6+ Enterprise Leaders in Procurement and HR/Talent Acquisition. VMSA Meetups are where members get to know each other on a deeper and personal level.

Experiences are hosted at an Fortune 1000 company and include: a private tour, special introductions to procurement and HR executives; lively and moderated roundtables and conclude with a networking reception. Special experiences include a concert, sporting event or even a hike!   *Event fees are extra including and not limited to food, beverages, transportation, and entertainment.

Unplugged Weekly Video Chats & Roundtables
Members get “free” access to all 50+ weekly Video Chats & Roundtables – recorded live, tagged for future reference. Each chat is an impactful 30-minutes and stars a Ecosystem Leader- either from an Global 2000 Enterprise, Managed Service Provider (MSP) or an Executive from major Services or Technology organization who shares an “Insider’s view” of real metrics, program/company characteristics and current challenges.

Learn how the best get better with VMSA Video Chats!

VMSA Live 2019
Members get exclusive experiences at our annual conference. Visit HERE for details.

Closely interact with client prospects & channel partners. Hear their “unfiltered” challenges, assess their needs and showcase your expertise.
Increase your exposure through sponsorship & branding opportunities.

Pin and Logo
Stand out and get recognized as being a member of an exclusive club of practitioners. Fast track your way to credibility and trust with your peers, partners and clients.

All VMSA Members receive FREE access to the VMSA Network and 10% off all consulting projects and e-learning programs and a closed Facebook group for members only.

How much is membership?
First year is FREE for Sourcing, Procurement, Talent Acquisition and Diversity Leaders from Enterprise Fortune 1000 companies (Buyers of Contingent Labor).

For all other technology and service providers that enable the Global Talent Ecosystem, it’s $997 per year on an individual basis. (Including but not limited to: MSP, VMS, Staffing, SOW, IC/Payrolling, ATS, Talent Clouds, Compliance included)

Why Become a Member?
Stay connected, informed and plugged-in to what’s happening, who’s doing what including the latest trends and best practices.  Leverage your network and OTHER PEOPLE’s NETWORKS.  Raise your awareness of new business opportunities.

How does that benefit me?
Hear about trends and opportunities BEFORE your competitors.  Have a strong business network and support team to lean on.  Find out what other in the industry are doing BEFORE it’s published in some outdated Analyst’s report.  Make stronger business relationships and see business prosper.

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