ClubVMSA is here to help as its been an extraordinary few weeks for our community and the world as we face historic challenges with COVID-19

If you renew your ClubVMSA membership or join before April 30, 2020 we will give you our full arsenal of training, coaching and advisory services for FREE.

We are here to help. We will give you everything we’ve got!

From now through end of 2020 you will receive:

Renew your $997 annual membership or join by April 30, 2020 and gain FREE access to all the above – $35,000 value

We want our members to have everything we can give – in order to help you maintain and succeed in your business during these challenging times. 

Renewing your membership enables ClubVMSA to create new content for today’s virtual marketplace.  Renewing helps us maintain our relationships with Enterprise Procurement and Talent Acquisition leaders who will shape the future of the contingent staffing and direct sourcing landscape. 

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COVID-19 Response and Continuity Plan for 2020