ClubVMSA set up the “Beeline Lounge” at Beeline’s annual conference in Florida and interviewed over a dozen senior Procurement and Talent Acquisition professionals about the state of Contingent Workforce Solutions and how Technology plays a vital part.

Comprehensive support and global capabilities
Robust technology with global team of experts
Wealth of expertise & experience

Customer Service

Selecting a VMS

Relationships that meet the best interest of the client

Knowledge base, collaboration, and innovation

Global Support
Workday Integration
People-First Innovation

Service excellence and continuous improvements to the tool

Expanding Program
Innovative, hands-on approach

Justin Lumby - TalentNet

Koenraad Lecot - Farmers Insurance

Mary Martin - Pinnacle Group

Deep platform integrations

Client-Focused Innovation

Collaborative Partnership

Mike Pruente - WG Consulting

Roxanne Costa – The Home Depot

Ruyi Gaffney - Apicem Analytics

Switching a VMS with rapid implementation

Growing your program


Ryan Kretchmer – MetLife

Sarah Koshiol – Brightfield

Scott Perkins – Accenture

Solutions that work

Deep partnership, collaboration, and relationships


Sean Ring – Fulcrum

Sharon Schank – DHL

Sunil Bagai – Crowdstaffing

Characteristics of a partnership

Exciting Journey

Shared core values

Tara Simon – BNY Mellon

Vandana Sharma – Pfizer

Wendy Stenger – Thomson Reuters

A team that stays with you

Innovative approach to solving problems

Expanding Labor Categories

Anna Persha – PSJ Health

Melanie Temkin – MetLife

Ray Rosato – ConocoPhillips

Expanding Labor Categories

International Expansion

Data Visibility & Spend Control

Patrick Meyer – NY Life Insurance

Laura LaChaussee – NXP

Koenraad Lecot – Farmers Insurance

Transitioning a VMS

Capturing all Contingent Workers

Beeline Advisory Council

Kelly Coleman – The Home Depot

Hazzen Munoz – Ecolab

Greg Muccio – Southwest Airlines

Core Values

Workday Partnership

Direct Sourcing with TalentNet

Chris Phillips – Bristol-Myers Squibb

Chris Friedl – Capital One

Growing Your Program