Enterprise Mastermind Authors

Adam Moore

Director of Supplier Diversity

Allen Chilson

Talent Acquisition Vendor Management Leader

Amy Dawson

Global Contingent Workforce Operations Excellence Lead

Cris Robinson

Sr. Manager, Contingent Workforce Program

Fayez Nathoo

Global Talent Acquisition Leader

Janine Seker

Global Senior Manager, Talent Acquisition Programs and Process

Keisha Stephens

Contingent Workforce Program Director

Lysa Marcouillier

Global Compliance Program Manager, Contingent Workforce

Mesambe Masango

Contingent Workforce Program Manager

Steven LaRochelle

Associate Director

Enterprise Mastermind Participants

Abby Burton

VP, Global Category Manager

Adam Nowaczynski

Sr. Global Indirect Category Manager Contingent Labor

Alfonso Garcia

Global Category Manager - Indirect Procurement Contingent Workforce

Charlie Flocco

Sr. Manager, Contingent Workforce Management

Eric Black

Strategic Sourcing Senior Consultant, Procurement

James Hong

Global Process and Product Owner - Contingent Labor P2P

Lauren Jerit

Sr. Manager External Staffing & Vendor Relations

Lorna Pluto

Procurement Manager

Maureen Welsh

Director of Contingent Labor

Meredith McGough

Sr Director, Contingent Labor

Micheal Sittler

Director, Supply Service Center

Rubyna Zito

VP, Technology Services and Operations

Richard Wiskin

Global Contingent Workforce, Enterprise Supplier Solutions

Stacey Handshoe

Manager, Contingent Labor, HR

Tawanna Steppe-Robinson

Senior Buyer

Vincent DeMichael

Global Category Manager - Professional Services

Yesi Stolowski

Human Resources Leader - Retail/Supply Chain


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