Procurement & Talent Acquisition Executives gather to benchmark their extended workforce programs and uncover best practices to propel them forward.


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The management of the extended workforce / global talent ecosystem is a multi-dimensional phenomena. Understanding the needs of all parties is critical to the success of any evolving talent program.

Gain perspective by widening your lens and making room for new ideas. Get the space and time to create a grounded vision for your organization driven by peer best practices.

The Global Talent Ecosystem


Who should attend?

Join an exclusive group of 30-40 Extended Workforce Leaders including Procurement, Talent Acquisition Leaders and Highly Vetted Sponsors as you collaborate on best practices in a safe and luxurious indoor/outdoor venue. ENTERPRISE ROUNDTABLE @ THE RITZ offers real-time market intelligence & insights for Outsourced and Internal Extended Workforce Programs. The following Enterprise Leaders may join:

Indirect Procurement

Talent Acquisition

Program Operations

How is this event different from a virtual event?

While virtual events are easy and efficient, assembling in a safe and secure environment creates the necessary space to deepen relationships and expand thinking… creating trust and uncovering new ways of working.  (Being at The Ritz-Carlton, overlooking the Pacific Ocean doesn’t hurt, either.)

In-person and ad-hoc

The best conversations are unplanned and spontaneous. "Bump into" your next peer mentor and solution innovator.

Interactive Sessions

Lectures be gone! Dive deep during roundtables with Procurement and TA peers plus vetted, innovative provider sponsors.

Cocktails & Dinner

Experience a networking event like no other overlooking the Pacific Ocean at the luxurious Ritz-Carlton.

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Comfortable ratios of Buyers to Sponsors. No extra tickets sold. All sponsors vetted and coached prior to event to ensure high value add content

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5-star venue

A Luxury Coastal Retreat

When California residents seek reprieve from the city, they head to the northern coastline, drawing energy from the scenic beaches, untouched nature and fresh air. Set amid this tranquility is The Ritz-Carlton, Half Moon Bay, a blufftop resort overlooking the ocean. 

Discounted room block available bundled with ticket price.

Networking Topics

War for Talent

Diversity & Inclusion

Innovation & Technology

Direct Sourcing

Compliance & Risk


WED 26 APRIL Happy hour

5:00 – 6:00

Happy Hour @ Hotel

THU 27 APRIL Program

8:30 – 9:30

Registration + Networking Breakfast

9:30 – 10:00

Introductions & Program Overviews

10:00 – 10:30

Keynote by Pyramid Consulting

10:30 – 11:00

Networking Break

11:00 – 12:00

Roundtables organized by Program Maturity

Pamela Randall @ Applied Materials

Keisha Stephens @ Splunk

Natalie Javid @ Snowflake

Semonie Kong @ Atlassian

Where do you fall in the program maturity spectrum?

  • Are you still building your CW Program?
  • Is your existing program needing improvements?
  • Are you looking to expand globally?
  • Are you a mature program looking to maintain quality?

Join your CW program peers for a roundtable dialogue based on the challenges and opportunities of your CW program organized by maturity. 

Come ready with a challenge you are looking to operationalize based on your CW program’s growth stage.  Each group will present to the entire room after lunch.  Expect to share challenges, roadmaps, feedback, risks and action items.

12:00 – 1:15


1:15 – 2:00

Roundtable Results by Program Maturity

2:00 – 2:30

Keynote: Data-Driven Decision Making at a Strategic Level

Ron Lippitt, Chief Strategy Officer @ Apidel Technologies

Hear how a Company made several strategic decisions about the CW Program based on sound data and analysis.  Many of these decisions are contrary to what their intuition told them – yet – the results based on the data allowed them to hit targets.  

2:30 – 3:00

Networking Break

3:00 – 3:45 Roundtables Round 2

1: Roundtable by Allegis Global Solutions

3:00 – 3:45 Roundtables Round 2

2: Early Adoption: How to build a program that everybody loves - from the ground up

Hear what “NerdWallet” is doing to get stakeholders to “buy-in” and engage in their early stage program.

Tami LaSance, Senior Associate, Project Management @ NerdWallet

3:45 – 4:15

Keynote w/ HR and Procurement

Dahlia Mughrabi, Procurement Manager, Contingent Workforce, Americas @ Equinix

Debbie Pederson-Nunez, Talent Acquisition Enablement Manager @ Equinix


Dahlia and Debbie will show specific examples of how HR and Procurement partner together to run their CW program like a well-oiled machine.

4:15 – 6:00

Free Time

6:00 – 9:00

Dinner on Property

Keynote speakers


Koenraad Lecot

Head of Contingent Workforce Management
@Farmers Insurance
Hiring Talent in a Tight Market
Streamlining processes without compromising quality

Hear how Farmers Insurance is responding to a changing candidate market by streamlining hiring and on-boarding processes. The best candidates will move quickly and Enterprises need to respond by quickening their processes.
Nicole Tuttle

Nicole Cefalu Tuttle

Sr. Director, Head of Global Procurement @eBay
Driving high performance by leveraging supplier base and shoring up technology

As the head of global procurement of eBay, Nicole is an indirect strategic sourcing expert and innovator. Nicole will share her strategy on: shoring up technology; expanding geographic scope; and leveraging supply base to drive high performance.
Nick Mailey

Nick Mailey

Vice President of Talent Acquisition @Equinix
Transforming Talent Acquisition

As the VP of Talent Acquisition @Equinix, Nick will share how Equinix is transforming Talent Acquisition while scaling the business: Expanding globally; transform hiring at scale; Consolidating MSP programs; Leveraging partners in a highly engaged ecosystem; all the while staying strategic.


Adam Nowaczynski

Global Contingent Workforce Program Lead

Alicia Zika

Allegis Global Solutions
Solutions Executive

Amy Dawson

Global Contingent Workforce Operations Excellence Lead

Bryon Withers

SVP Strategic Solutions Group

Cristina De La Cruz Raser

Ursus, Inc.
Vice President of Sales

Hannah Sides

Allegis Global Solutions
Business Development Executive

Karen Gonzalez

EVP, North America

Kinjal Desai

ALOIS Consulting

Lysa Marcouillier

Applied Materials
Global Compliance Program Manager, Contingent Workforce

Marc McIsaac

ALOIS Staffing
SVP, Strategic Alliances

Natalie Javid

Sr. Manager, Global Contingent Workforce

Rona Petroni

Bank of the West
Contingent Workforce Program Manager, VP

Wesley Beck

Block (fka Square)
Global Head of External Workforce



Procurement & Talent Acquisition
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Procurement & Talent Acquisition
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Procurement & Talent Acquisition
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