Frequently Asked Questions

Is membership for my company or for me as an individual?

Membership is for the individual – and follows the individual. At this time there are no company memberships. Each membership is an individual membership.

Can I become a member and then send someone else from my company to a MeetUp?
Nope – sorry Charlie. Membership benefits (such as meetups, etc) are non-transferrable. Only members are allowed to attend Meetups and other membership events.

How much is membership?
Membership is $997 per year (for Charter Year 2017-2018) and renews annually after your first 12 months. You may cancel membership at anytime, however the price of membership is non-refundable and not pro-rated.

What do I get for my membership?
Charter members (Non-Enterprise) who register before 8/31/17 receive an immediate $997 OFF the price of a single VMSA Live 2018 ticket (currently priced at $2,497). Thus, when you become a member before 8/31/17 you can purchase a VMSA Live ticket for an additional $1,500. Additionally you receive access to the closed group CLUB VMSA Facebook Page. You are also able to register for Club Meetups as you are “pre-approved” to attend when you become a member. Only members can attend Club Meetups.
Enterprise Members from Global 2000 firms enjoy free membership and Meetups for their first year. Concert & Premium Meetups are billed at an additional, but nominal cost.

Are there RULES to being a member?
YES. ClubVMSA has a strict policy and code of ethics and restricts aggressive sales tactics. ClubVMSA reserves the right to revoke membership at any time for any reason or for no reason. If there is a complaint about any member then Membership will be revoked until such time that the member is in good standing again. Complete rules and member ethics are outlined in detail here.

What type of people become members?
There are four (4) types of membership categories:

  • ENTERPRISE – Any person working in Procurement of Talent, Talent Acquisition/HR and/or Diversity at a Global 2000 company (these are the “end clients”)
  • SUPPLIER – Any person who works for a Staffing, SOW, IC Compliance, Payrolling, Talent Cloud, etc., organization that supplies non-direct employees or services to a Global 2000 companies.
  • MSP – Any person who works for a Managed-Service Provider of Contingent Workforce Programs.
  • TECHNOLOGY – Any person who works at a Technology company (VMS, FMS, ATS) that provides a technology to the Global Talent Ecosystem.

Does ClubVMSA make introductions and/or recommend people to Global 2000 companies?
No. ClubVMSA creates the opportunities for leaders within the Global Talent Ecosystem to connect and engage with each other. ClubVMSA does not endorse, sponsor or sell one member over another. We make no claim or endorsement of any member thus maintaining the position of an unbiased Club Organizer.

Can I have my assistant or marketing rep register me?
It’s best for YOU to complete your OWN registration. It’s easy and only requires you to fill out one DATA screen and enter your Username and Password.

As an ENTERPRISE member – are you expecting me to pay the $997 membership cost?
Annual Dues for Enterprise Members are waived the first year. This policy is only for Enterprise Members. Any member who registered as an Enterprise and is found to have misclassified themselves will have his/her membership revoked.