ClubVMSA is a private network of business leaders within the global talent ecosystem who meet regularly to analyze common challenges and share best practices.

Our members have the option to attend regional enterprise hosted meetups, supplier summits and VMSA East and West conferences designed to drive continuous improvement within global contingent workforce programs.

Who are the Members?

Members include these executives from the global talent ecosystem:

  • Procurement
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Staffing
  • Technology
  • Managed Service Providers (MSP)

Why Join?

Enterprise executives, MSP program managers and leaders and Staffing executives become members so that they can learn from their peers, partners, customers and suppliers about what is happening in the market now.

Members engage in discussions about what the future will bring and also receive access to events online educational programs.

What do I get as a Member?

Exclusive ACCESS to new contacts in the industry through Enterprise-hosted Meetups

CONNECTION via Peer-to-peer and Supplier to Buyer both in-person and online

MULTIMEDIA DIGITAL LIBRARY of rich media including event photos, videos and recordings/notes of meetups and conferences.

Discounted ACCESS to MSP/Supplier Summits and Annual Conferences (EAST & WEST) across the United State.

What is a Meetup?

A Meetup is a 1/2 day event hosted by a Fortune 1000 company for the purpose of dialoguing with other members about topics of interest to that particular host.  Meetups are typically limited to 30-70 people with a specifically managed mix of attendees:



  • 40% of the attendees are Enterprise Clients – i.e., Global Procurement managers of companies who manage the Contingent Workforce spend and programs within their respective companies.
  • 40% of the attendees will be comprised of Staffing Executives
  • 20% will be a mix of MSPs, VMS leaders and/or other Talent professionals.

All attendees are required and must be ClubVMSA Members to attend

What is Enterprise Unplugged?

Enterprise Unplugged is a 1/2 day event conducted during the annual conference (VMSA EAST and VMSA WEST) exclusively for the Enterprise client.  Only Global Procurement Managers, Contingent Workforce Program managers and/or Talent Acquisition Executives from Global 2000 companies are allowed to attend.  During Enterprise Unplugged attendees dialogue about a wide range of Contingent Workforce Program related issues – privately and behind closed doors.

When and Where is the Annual Conference?

VMSA East is held in Florida in January of every year.  VMSA West is held in the San Francisco Bay Area during the summer.  The Annual Conference is a 2 day event and includes:  Enterprise Unplugged, VMSA Live and the MSP/Supplier Summit.

What is the MSP/Supplier Summit?

The MSP/Supplier Summit is a 1-day event devoted exclusively to developing meaningful relationships between MSP Program and Supply Base Managers and the Executives of the Staffing Supply Chain.  During this event Supplier participants will be able to hear what the MSPs look for and want in a supplier.  Additionally there are options to schedule private 10-minute one-on-one meetings.


Check us out with no obligation. Listen to leaders in the industry live and unplugged every day for free. Maybe you’ll decide to move up to Contributor after a few weeks. Thanks for being a part of ClubVMSA!

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Check us out with no obligation. Listen to leaders in the industry live and unplugged every day for free. Maybe you’ll decide to move up to Contributor after a few weeks. Thanks for being a part of ClubVMSA!

Please select your community:

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