Meetup Library

Uber Meetup

Vendor neutrality vs direct hiring
Manager communication
Sponsors: Russel Tobin and Smart ERP

Capital One Meetup

Closing the Loop on Feedback
Sponsor: Pontoon + Beeline + PrideOne

AmeriCold Meetup

Balancing quality and cost AND
shared contingent workforce pools
Sponsor: HireGenics

SGWS Meetup

Leveraging your payrolling partner into a direct sourcing engine AND how to sell into your internal customers and users.
Sponsor: KellyOCG

Oracle Meetup

Global expansion, enhancing system performance, leveraging new technologies plus IC Classification in Europe.
Sponsor: GRI

TR Meetup

Transformation of the CW Program Office including how to manage and grow you programs plus which technologies and trends to leverage
Sponsor: TalentNet

Farmers Meetup

Risk Mitigation and Adding SOW spend to your CWM Program
Sponsor: ClubVMSA

MetLife Meetup

Services Procurement and Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
Sponsor: Pinnacle Group