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Mastering the Art of Production (MAP)​

The most comprehensive and effective Recruiter and Account Manager training ever created.  Double production, increase phone time, connect with higher quality candidates, submit faster and in greater numbers than your competitors, manage and control the interview process, manage and control the client experience and close more placements on all your existing business.  The 52-week high-powered sessions and be compressed to be completed in as short as 3-months. You’ll see results after every video.

Executive Mastering the Art of Production (Executive MAP)

The Executive/Owner companion to MAP (Mastering the Art of Production), this 26-week series of videos and trainings teach owners and executives within staffing firms how to effectively and efficiently “manage-to-the-numbers”, hire, motivate, train and if need be, fire Recruiters and Account Managers.  No longer wonder if people are following the program, you’ll know for sure that they are and have the tools, controls and techniques in place to ensure you’re building a powerful recruiting and account management engine and team.

Thriving and Productive Selling (TPS)

Why do some Salespeople sell and others fail?  In this 26-week series you will learn the best practices, techniques and methods of top sales professionals in the staffing and recruiting business. We cover how to prospect in a virtual market; how to generate viable leads that are qualified and ready to buy; how to sell to large volume accounts with multiple decision makers including purchasing, procurement and Human Resources; and how to get the contract to work for you and get on the list. You and your sales people will always have a strong and full pipeline of new business and leads as a result of the Thriving and Productive selling program.

Executive Coaching

Executives, Managers and Owners join bi-weekly on a live Zoom call to get their urgent & important challenges solved by a staffing veteran who has started, built and sold 3 staffing businesses in the U.S. and India.

About your Instructors

Jim Coughlin, Creative Director
VMS Accelerators (VMSA)

Jim Coughlin has been an Executive Search Consultant, Recruiter, Recruiting Manager, Staffing Firm Owner and Executive Coach and Training. He started his career nearly 40 years ago and has been involved with and/or led nearly every staffing/recruiting training ever developed. In his programs Jim distills the best practices and proven techniques of recruiters, account managers & owners through the last three decades.

  • Grew 3 firms to triple digit growth & sold 
  • 2,200 W2’s issued in one year
  • Top Supplier at 25 Fortune 500 accts
  • Platinum Supplier with 3 top MSP’s
  • Built recruiting operations in India
  • Managed up to 60 recruiters at a time
  • Train over 800 recruiters per year
  • And JIM LOVES the MSP/VMS space!

Jeannine Parise has been a staffing industry entrepreneur since 1998 starting with her first company – Foundation Systems (FSI).  Ahead of its time, FSI was a national staffing firm that embraced the MSP/VMS staffing model by knowing that lowering the cost of delivery was paramount to profitability. Jeannine shares practical and proven experiences and scripts with her students.  She encourages her students to find their personality and voice to connect and close deals. Jeannine has 4 children under 10 years of age and hails from The Bronx, NY.

  • Grew Staffing firm 900% in its last 5 years
  • Sold to multinational human capital firm in 2009
  • Solely Signed on 18 F1000 MSP/VMS Programs in 2 yrs
  • Solely launched and owned an Indian Pvt. Ltd. in BLR
  • Grew India to 45 people over 3 shifts supporting U.S.

Jeannine Parise, CEO
VMS Accelerators (VMSA)