are the creators/founders/leaders of CIubVMSA?

Jeannine Parise


Jeannine created CIubVMSA out of her own realization that there wasn’t a place in the Talent Ecosystem where all the thought leaders and stakeholders could meet on a regular basis and talk openly about the issues of the day. As a Mom of 4, a wife, and business owner, she is driven to create high-value, meaningful venues where business leaders in the Talent Ecosystem can engage with like-minded professionals and take away rich, ready-to-implement content and solutions into their business platforms… and maybe even develop a new relationship or two.

Jim Coughlin

Creative Director

Jim brings a 108 years of experience (not really but it feels like it) in Talent Acquisition to the forefront as the Lead Facilitator of Meetups and Enterprise Unplugged. Jim is responsible for those witty and thought-provoking community emails you read for 2.5 seconds.

Matt Parise

VP of Technological Innovation

Matt is committed to having a refreshing digital experience with CIubVMSA. Learn about the industry on our Video Chat Library, review critical comments and notes from Meetups in our Meetup Library, and more.

Mark Zisholtz

ClubVMSA Legal Chair from BakerHostetler

A Co-founder of an international recruiting company, former vice president and general counsel of a $600 million staffing and alternative workforce supplier, and former employment partner and head of contingent labor at a national law firm, Mark Zisholtz is no stranger to complex human resources and employment issues. His practice is noted for its focus on contingent labor, temporary staffing and alternative workforce arrangements, and he is frequently sought after for both his management team and executive level representation, and his expertise on corporate and private equity transactions. Additionally, Mark provides day-to-day traditional employment counseling, as well as General Counsel services for select clients.

Mark is also a leading authority on independent contractors and payrolling of temporary W-2 workers, addressing matters from compliance through strategic engagement. He regularly speaks across the country on a wide variety of employment law and contingent labor matters. His impressive background also includes successfully litigating or engaging in alternative dispute resolution with respect to restrictive covenants, anti-discrimination laws, contingent labor and procurement matters, outsourcing and contract disputes, and much more.


Is CIubVMSA about?

CIubVMSA is an exclusive network of Business Leaders within the Global Talent Ecosystem who meet regularly to define industry best practices, create innovative solutions to the challenges of today, and to create a more positive and conscious business environment. CIubVMSA achieves this by promoting in-person events and functions whereby

Talent leaders connect and engage in open dialogue. Our members attend local market meetings in the U.S. and Europe, participate in virtual events, and join in our annual conference to participate and drive continuous improvement within the Talent Ecosystem.


How we bring people together is by creating meaningful events that are impactful, rich in content and fun!
We offer:

  • Meetups + Mega Meetups
  • Premium VIP Meetups with Entertainment
  • Enterprise Unplugged
  • VMSA Live
  • Supplier Summit


We are committed to:

  • Seeing our industry improve
  • Helping suppliers get their story told to potential customers
  • Being a real-time knowledge-based resource for the Enterprise
  • Being a conduit for business transactions
  • Simplifying the design and implemen­tation process of CW Programs
  • Elevating the level of dialogue through­out the Talent Ecosystem

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