COVID-19 Response and Continuity Plan for 2020

Updated April 15, 2020 – New York, NY – As a result of the COVID-19 Global Pandemic, ClubVMSA has suspended all physical events until the Federal and State governing authorities that oversee the health and safety of the public announce that it is safe to hold events of 20 people or more. 

Physical Events Suspension

As a result all scheduled physical events for ClubVMSA in the 2020 calendar year, including those listed below, have been suspended until further notice. ClubVMSA will not entertain refund discussions for membership, tickets and sponsorships at this time. All events will be rescheduled.  Events will be rescheduled at the earliest time when we are notified by federal and state authorities that we can hold an event:

  • Enterprise Meetups (MMC in Boston, US Cellular in Chicago, TR in Minneapolis)
  • MSP/Supplier Summits (New York and San Francisco)
  • Direct Sourcing Summits (New York and Minneapolis)
  • Conferences (VMSA West and VMSA East)

Potential New Date for VMSA West 2020 

VMSA West 2020 is postponed until a later date to be confirmed.

Prepaid Tickets for Postponed Events

ClubVMSA’s policy regarding prepaid event tickets and sponsorships is as follows:

  1. Any Prepaid Sponsor will receive the following in addition to sponsorship of the rescheduled event:  Sponsorship of equal or lesser value at any one (1) Virtual Event and Free access to first Virtual Enterprise Meetup in 2020 ($199 value)
  2. Sponsors of the SF Direct Sourcing Summit on March 4, 2020 may receive a free ticket to the Virtual Direct Sourcing Summit on April 30, 2020 .
  3. Any person holding a prepaid ticket to VMSA West 2020 will receive a free ticket to Virtual Direct Sourcing Summit on April 30, 2020 and a free ticket to the first Enterprise Meetup on May 27, 2020 (in addition to ticket for rescheduled event).
  4. Any person holding a prepaid ticket to MSP/Supplier Summit will receive a free ticket to Virtual MSP/Supplier Summit on May 7, 2020 (in addition to ticket for rescheduled event).
  5. Any person holding a prepaid ticket to an Enterprise Meetup will receive a free ticket to Virtual Enterprise Meetup on May 27, 2020 (in addition to ticket for rescheduled event).
  6. All prepaid in-person event tickets are eligible for transfer to a co-worker or credit of equal value from now through June 30, 2021.
  7. Email to request your free promo code for a virtual event you are qualified to attend for free.

Introduction of Virtual Events

ClubVMSA will continue to innovate, evolve and create during this most challenging time. The evolution of our business to virtual is now fully launched and all prepaid event ticket holders and sponsors have immediate and free access to the following:

  1. Daily Industry Video Chats (12:30-1:00pm ET)
  2. Virtual Direct Sourcing Summit – April 30, 2020
  3. Virtual MSP/Supplier Summit – May 7, 2020
  4. Virtual Enterprise Meetup – May 27, 2020
  5. Additional Virtual Events – TBD

New & Early Renewal Membership Benefits

Furthermore, as a current ClubVMSA Member your membership has now been modified to be a “Company” membership (previously an individual membership).  As a Club Member the company receives:

  • 25% off all ClubVMSA in-person events & sponsorships for up to 3 people in company
  • 24×7 Access to recordings of Video Chats in online Library

Current ClubVMSA Members who “EARLY RENEW” their existing annual Membership and new members who join by paying the $997 annual dues after March 23, 2020 and before April 30, 2020 receive the following in addition to the above standard benefits through Dec. 31, 2020:

  • 25 seat access to Mastering the Art of Production Recruiter/Account Manager training – 52 On Demand Videos over 50+ hours in total length in Vimeo (MAP) 
  • 25 seat access to Executive MAP (for owners and recruiting managers) – 26 On Demand videos over 26 hours in total length in Vimeo (Exec MAP)
  • 25 seat access to Thriving and Productive Selling (Sales Training) – 26 On Demand Videos over 26 hours in length in Vimeo (TPS)
  • 5 seat access to live bi-weekly Executive Coaching calls on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month
  • 5 seat access to any and all virtual events through December 31, 2020

The above training systems and coaching calls are valued at over $35,000.  This is free to Members who “early renew” and new members who join between March 24, 2020 and April 30, 2020 and is available at no additional charges until December 31, 2020.  Annual Maintenance fees of $499 for MAP + Exec MAP and $499 for TPS will be automatically charged in December 2020 and in each subsequent year. Bi-weekly live coaching will be automatically renewed for $499 per month in December 2020 covering January 2021 and beyond.

Our mission remains steadfast during this difficult time

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