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Staffing Firms receive (4) Virtual One-on-ones with MSP/Enterprise on Oct 27th.  50% off for Club members. 

MSP Operations and Program Managers attend FREE if club members, and agree to meet with 9 staffing attendees virtually on Oct 27, 2022. 

VISION/CW Ops: 3 Events in 1

Your ticket affords you access to 3 events:

  • 27 Oct: Virtual 1-1 Meetings (12-5pm ET)*
  • 3 Nov: Cocktail Mixer with All Attendees (4-6pm PT)
  • 4 Nov: Keynote, Break & Roundtables w/ Enterprise, MSP and Partners (9-2pm PT)

*MSP Ops and PMs agree to conduct up to nine 10-minute Virtual one-on-one meetings. 

**Suppliers receive four one-on-one Virtual Meetings with MSPs.  Buyers may also be included.  You may request or accept invites from anyone including Buyers, MSPs or Providers.

Important Dates:  

  • Enrollment for virtual one-on-ones expire at 5:00 PM ET on 14 Oct.
  • Meeting Requests/Accepts: 24 Oct, 12 ET – 25 Oct, 5 ET.
  • Conduct virtual one-on-ones on 27 Oct 1:00 – 5:00 PM ET.

Staffing Owners, Executives and Solutions Sales


Managed Service Provider (MSP) Program and Ops Leads

F1000 Procurement, TA and Internal Program Leads

Local to Norcal

This luxury venue is 35 mins from SFO

Virtual 1-1s included

10-min private video Meetings

Nice Attendee Ratios

40:60 MSPs/Buyers:Suppliers

FREE Tickets Available

For MSP Ops PMs and Supply Base Mgrs +Enterprise Buyers

Networking discussions include...

  • Supplier Optimization
  • Contractor processes and engagement
  • Workflow, Req flow, order fulfillment
  • Legal and compliance
  • Total Talent Management
  • Leveraging Technology
  • Strategy and Stakeholder Engagement
  • Alignment w/Corporate Initiatives (D&I, etc).
"Thanks for hosting that event yesterday! I learned quite a bit, and made some solid connections that have led to follow up meetings. Can't wait for the next one!"


THU 3 NOV 2022: 5:00 – 7:00 PT

Cocktail Welcome Reception

Brought to you by Guidant Global and celebrated with VISION event attendees including CW Buyers and Sponsors


FRI 4 NOV 2022: 7:30 – 8:30 PT

Networking Breakfast

Brought to you by ClubVMSA

8:30 – 8:35


Jim Coughlin, Creative Director, ClubVMSA

8:35 – 9:15

Keynote: Gen 2 Uplift - Raising the Bar on Service, Deliver & Outcomes

Geoff Dubiski, Global TA Lead, Contingent Workforce Strategy & Planning @ Intuitive

In this keynote, you will learn keys to being a leader in managing your MSP and Supplier Team towards elevating your program into the second generation. Learn how to:

  • Manage uncontrolled spend
  • Maximize and properly utilize unique Supplier Strengths
  • Build systems that benefit all parties including the Supply base
  • Integrate data to make more informed decisions
  • Be a True Talent Partner to executive stakeholders.

Geoff came to VMSA first as a sponsor with EY back in 2016. He worked with Workforce Logiq for 18 months before landing his current role at Intuitive.

9:15 – 10:00

MSP Executive Panel: The State of MSP Today and Tomorrow 

Erik Thornberg, General Manager, Global Strategic Accounts @ Formerly of a large MSP

Brian Clark, President, AgileOne

Moderated by Jim Coughlin, Creative Director @ ClubVMSA

Hear the trends, insights and future plans of the MSP marketplace from the leaders in the field.  What are clients demanding?  What new services are MSP’s offering?  What value will be provided in the future.  Hear from the top leaders in the Industry.
Jim Coughlin will moderate the panel and ask questions like:
  • What are your clients asking for today that they didn’t a year ago?
  • What are your clients looking for beyond Gen 1 and Gen 2 programs?
  • What are you offering your clients that is separating you from the competition?
  • How do you envision MSPs being more strategic than just tactical in 2023?


Coffee Break

Brought to you by Top Recruiter


Roundtable 1: The triangle of extended workforce leadership (TA, Legal and Procurement) and how they service the internal customer

Allen Chilson, Talent Acquisition Leader – Vendor Management, Danaher

Working as a team – Talent Acquisition, Procurement and Legal – learn how to balance multiple goals and different objectives by bringing the three key stakeholders together towards a common solution


Roundtable 2: Casting a Wider Net

Rajiv Jaganathan, EVP, Client Services, GTT

Utilizing a global marketplace of candidates to fill more roles.


Roundtable 3: How to use VMS as a strategic advantage to selling and closing more deals

Steven Kekich, Vice President Infrastructure, Goldman Sachs

Did you realize that you can leverage your experience and relationship with your VMS partners to get on more accounts.  Learn how here!


Roundtable 4: The Joys and Challenges of an Internally Managed Program ​

Dawn Keeley, Category Manager for Contingent Labor, REI

Lisa Wayne, SVP Strategic Growth and Development, 360 Talent Solutions


Roundtable 5: What new pay transparency laws could mean for U.S. Workers

Maria Jimenez, Senior Manager, Global Contingent Workforce, Sony Interactive Entertainment

SB 1162 was introduced to California’s Senate in February 2022. The bill expands on pre-existing pay transparency laws like SB 973, which Newsom signed into law in 2020. SB 973 requires certain employers to report pay and demographic information for their California employees to the Department of Fair Housing and Employment (DFEH) every year.
Employers with 15 or more employees must include the pay scale for a position in all job postings, including posts on third-party sites such as LinkedIn or Indeed. Private employers with 100 or more employees must submit an annual pay data report, including median and mean hourly rates for race, ethnicity and sex within each job category, to the DFEH. The reports will be publicly accessible. If requested, the employer must provide the employee with the pay scale for their current role.
Edward Troost
Farrah Assadi

11:15 – 12:00

The evolving CW Landscape and what to do about it

Jason Zinder, Service Delivery Program Lead, Extended Workforce Solutions @ Google

Edward Troost, Director @ Monument Consulting

Facilitated by Farrah Assadi, Director of Business Development @ Monument Consulting

Hear lessons learned and insights relating to the evolving contingent workforce landscape, solutions to address changing economic conditions and unique strategies relating to geography, direct sourcing and total workforce solutions.

JobDiva Logo

12:00 – 1:15


Rona Petroni
Jon De Feo

1:15 – 2:00

Roundtable 1: The Path to Total Talent Management is a Marathon, not a Sprint

Rona Petroni, External Workforce Regional Lead- Americas @ Roche

Jon De Feo, Senior Solution Executive @ Allegis Global Solutions

With the extended workforce rising to 40%+ of the total workforce, companies are taking steps to manage their entire workforce beyond their W2 full-timers.  In this dialogue, we will explore governance & framework; roadblocks to implementation and overall strategic workforce planning.


Roundtable 2: Managing Compliance on a Global Scale - how Suppliers can be part of the solution

Lysa Marcouillier, Global Compliance Program Manager, Contingent Workforce, Applied Materials

As companies grow globally compliance becomes more important.  Learn how suppliers contribute to tightening compliance domestically and globally during this roundtable session.


Thank you for joining us!

5-star venue

A Luxury Coastal Retreat

When California residents seek reprieve from the city, they head to the northern coastline, drawing energy from the scenic beaches, untouched nature and fresh air. Set amid this tranquility is The Ritz-Carlton, Half Moon Bay, a blufftop resort overlooking the ocean. Discounted room block available.


Erik Thornberg

Erik Thornberg

Formerly of a large MSP
General Manager, Global Strategic Accounts

Geoff Dubiski

Global TA Lead, Contingent Workforce Strategy and Planning


Allen Chilson

Talent Acquisition Leader - Vendor Management

Lisa Wayne

360 Talent Solutions
SVP Strategic Growth & Development

Jim Coughlin

Creative Director

Jon De Feo

Allegis Global Solutions
VP, Client Services

Keisha Stephens

Director, Talent Acquisition Operations

Lysa Marcouillier

Applied Materials
Global Compliance Program Manager, Contingent Workforce

Natalie Javid

Sr. Manager, Global Contingent Workforce

Rajiv Jaganathan

EVP, Client Services

Rona Petroni

External Workforce Regional Lead- Americas

Sally McAllaster

Director, Client Services

Steven Kekich

Goldman Sachs
Vice President Infrastructure





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