Mastering the Art of Production

What’s included:

MAP Recruiter & Account Manager

  • 52 Weekly Videos – each 90 minutes in length
  • 52 Weekly Supporting PowerPoint Slides
  • 52 Weekly “Pop Quizzes”

Executive MAP

  • 26 Bi-weekly Videos – each 90 minutes in length
  • 26 Bi-weekly Supporting PowerPoint Slides 

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This program is designed to be implemented as a complete set.

VMSA recommends that all company workers involved in production view the weekly Recruiter and Account Manager MAP video including, but not limited to: Recruiters, Account Managers, Recruiting Managers and Owners.

VMSA recommends only Recruiting Managers and Owners view the bi-weekly Executive MAP videos.

This program is designed to teach, rehearse and build upon specific skill week by week to improve production, performance and measurable metrics across all areas of production.

Total Video time = 117 hours.