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This program is FABulous... Review the Features, Advantages and Benefits

Program Features

  • 26 pre-recorded video sessions for Staffing Salespeople

  • Weekly quizzes ensure program absorption and adherence

  • Forms, templates, charts, processes, slide decks, tools

  • Tailored for MSP/VMS business model

  • Covers lifecycle of sales including marketing & social media

  • No per seat fees – one price for entire company

Program Advantages

  • Accessible anytime
  • Portable on any device – desktop or mobile
  • Learn from anywhere – don’t have to leave your office (or bed)
  • One-time charge plus annual maintenance fee
  • Use it for 1 or 100+ employees
  • Stop re-inventing the wheel
  • Industry-specific from someone who knows – not generic
  • Since it is live, get real-time answers

Program Benefits. Learn how to...

  • Properly forecast sales and close new contracts
  • Create, fill and manage a pipeline
  • Train salespeople with ease
  • Identify and qualify clients better
  • Create and manage a sales calendar
  • Properly prep for and follow up from a conference
  • Stop annoying people with mass emails… write more professional content and messaging
  • Cultivate new prospects and clients from scratch
  • Optimize existing business and referrals
  • Attract sales by becoming a trusted advisor and the “safe person” in the room
  • Successfully and calmly handle objections
  • Negotiate by making the pie bigger